The Centre for Equality & Equity

Our Story

We are a nonprofit established to develop campaigns and programmes within communities. We work on issues around peace, justice and capacity building.

Our history dates back to efforts by our founding members who invested their resources to address social challenges across Nigeria. This work expanded through the years on the back of community, new media and digital engagements.

We understood from the beginning that our work was part of actions aimed at solving global challenges - that align with the goals we pursue - especially those prevalent in developing countries.

Our Focus

1. To provide free educational resources and training to communities.
2. To promote peaceful coexistence among citizens in Nigeria.
3. To facilitate learning and scholarships for low-income citizens.
4. To collaborate with other non-profit and charitable organisations operating exclusively for charitable purposes.

We subscribe fully to the Jemez Principles



Our education project, Gapper Skills, is a project designed in response to the gaps in training and skills in Nigeria. We align the needs of industries, academia, government, and citizens to build a sustainable structure for Nigeria’s competitiveness.

This initiative fosters volunteer training, tutoring and deployment to under-served communities across the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Our “Gappers” are skilled citizens who support target communities along the lines of their qualifications for a sustained period of time.

Peace, Culture, & Sport

This campaign seeks to promote peace in every corner of Nigeria, and by extension Africa - through cultural exchanges and sport.


Our Goals

We will roll out 5 community events every half-year till 2022.

We will open membership to the public targeted at up to 15,000 registered members by 2022.

We will support 10 scholarships around our focus areas yearly until upward review by 2022.

Our justice programme will provide counselling, take action and support no less than 10 actions every half-year until 2022.

Hold a major conference on our yearly selected themes every year until reviewed in 2022

Trustees & Management

The Centre for Equality and Equity is supervised by our Board of Trustees who are young professionals drawn from all sections of society.

1. Ajibola Oyelade - Founder/Trustee (m)

2. MaryQueen Anyanwu - Deputy Head of Programmes/Trustee (f)

3. Kenneth Osawe – Head of Operations (m)

4. Beatrice Kanu - Community Organiser (f)

5. Efe Izedonmi - Community Organiser (m)

6. Saakon Wisdom Aondongu (Co-ordinator, Abuja & North-central)

Contact Us

We are always happy to hear from you about our work in your community


Our campaign on law and justice has supported up to 10 claimants/complainants since 2017.

Our social media has a combined following of nearly 4,000-strong supporters across all platforms.

Our in-person community initiatives on health, education, justice the environment are expanding across communities beginning with Lagos State, Nigeria